Available in a huge range of colours,
lengths, chip types, waterproof ratings
and more...
Flameless tealights flameless
Available in steady & flickering styles
EL wires electroluminescent
versatile, continuous lighting
for intricate styling details

lighting options

Choose from a huge range of LED strips, flameless tealights & electroluminescent wires. Select your preferred option below.


LED lights
Use in the home, commercial/industrial spaces, indoors or outdoors, in vehicles and more. The options are almost limitless with a huge selection of lengths, waterproof ratings, chip types and accessories.

flameless tealights
The perfect decorative, colourful accompaniment to your home or workspace. Available in flickering and non-flickering variants and a range of colours.

electroluminescent wires
A highly versatile option for creative applications. Welted, sewable and glueable design, so they can be easily added to costumes, car interiors etc. Provides a continuous, unbroken light and can be cut to any length. Can even use portable power options.
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